Big Winners


Maxine from Birmingham won £1,000 on the 10:30pm Bingolinx and can’t wait to start spending her winnings on Christmas. Maxine went to go make a drink and missed the win and had to double check she wasn’t seeing things on her return. When Maxine knew it was real she was speechless and could only manage to say “Just so shocked. I'm actually amazed I won so much money”. Well done and happy shopping

£1,000 in Anytime Room

Maxine from Birmingham won big on 03/11/2014

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Congratulations to Mrs C from Burton-on-Trent who won £1,000 on the Bingo Linx Game at 12pm on Tuesday 7th October. She was extremely happy and quotes "Thank you very much Sky Bingo". You are more than welcome. Happy spending.

£1000 on Bingo Linx Game

Mrs C from Burton-on-Trent won big on 07/10/2014

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Well done to our lucky winner who won the two lines and full house on Saturday, which triggered the Progressive Jackpot of £7,668.88 in just 29 calls! Enjoy your winnings!

Miss Winner from Bingo Land won big on 11/10/14

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Lorraine joined us recently and on the very same day bagged herself a juicy win of £1,500! Lorraine was still in shock hours after her win on the BingoLinx. Lorraine states “I was in shock and it was my first go on sky Bingo and I won £1,500! I still cannot believe it, I am going to buy a new bed I have been promising myself” Welcome to Sky Bingo and well done on your win!


lolcider12 from Sunderland won big on 12/08/2014

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Frank was playing in our Anytime room when he bought some tickets and bagged himself £1'000 on the 12pm Bingolinx. After speaking with Frank he says this money has made a difference, as it is going towards vets bills for his poorly dog. We hope your dog gets better soon. Well done!

£1,000 Anytime Room

Frank from Grimsby won big on 05/06/2014

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Ann decided to have a go on the slots and to her surprise she got the 5 ‘Lucky Ladies’ which won her a the massive progressive jackpot of £145,133.36. Here is what Ann had to say: “I am really elated by all of this, just want to say a big thank you to sky bingo for making me a winner!” Well done, and Happy New Year!

£145,133.36 on Lucky Ladies 88

Ann P from Burnham-on-sea won big on 06/01/2014

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"WOW - is that really all for me? Thank you so much Sky Bingo!"

£226,801.20 on Cleopatra's Chest

Penny from Portsmouth won big on 03/10/2013

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Scott has been with us a short time and after a 1 to go appeared on his ticket during a big game he was too scared to look until he heard number 40 been called which bagged him £2500! Here is what Scott had to say. "I think I'm still in shock I won the big one £2500 I waited for number 40 and thought no I'm not going 2 get it ,I closed my eyes and when the caller called 40 I nearly dropped my laptop then I took a chance on 3card brag [on Sky Vegas] and won another 600 so pleased TY [thank you] sky bingo"


scott686899 from Skegness won big on 05/02/2014

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"Sky Bingo is very entertaining!"

£16,110.55 on Tarot Fortune

Moira from Glasgow won big on 02/10/2013

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Having only registered on Sky Bingo just one day before my massive win - I can say I am ecstatic! Thank you!

£4,547.78 on Big Top Tombola

Lynn from Newport won big on 02/10/2013

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Reveal all the popular bingo calls to win on both the web and mobile – Two Fat Ladies will win you £20,000 just like Bridget!

£20,000 on Bingo Scratch

Bridget from Bedford won big on 18/09/13

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Take on the Dragon and see if you can win big like Jacqui!

£4,864.04 on Geoge & the Dragon

Jacqui from Feltham won big on 14/09/13

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The popular Bingo game is available on the web AND on mobile!

£34,156.61 on Clover Rollover

Barry from Menstrie won big on 06/09/13

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"Was a great time of year to win this amount of money as I have 12 Grandchildren."


Linda from Cornwall won big on 15/12/2013

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Colin was a big Escalator winner in the Anytime Room where you can scoop a number of cash rewards!

£16,230.89 (Escalator Jackpot) in the Sky Anytime Room

Colin from Manchester won big on 25/08/13

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Step into a world of crime and corruption and scoop a huge Mafia Millions Jackpot!

£7,397.48 on Mafia Millions

Eileen from Wellingborough won big on 01/08/13

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