The Final Round

£10,000 in prizes to be won each week

The Final Round

Saturday 3rd June - Wednesday 28th June

We’re loving the drama of the Win Zone, so much that we’re rewarding your play even more this month. Will you make it into our weekly final rounds?

Qualify by playing our Win Zone games on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 9pm and 11pm. Once you’ve played in 25 or more games you’ll qualify for our weekly prize draws.

We’ll be handing out prizes to 150 random winners with great tech and cash prizes as well as some bingo and side game bonuses too. We’re even rewarding all those who don’t win a prize too…

The important bits:

  • Win Zone is played in the Tipping Point Bingo room between 9-11pm Tuesdays & Saturdays
  • Opt in at any time during the promo period (weekly) with below promotion code
  • Qualify by playing 25 or more games in the win zone
  • Max of 1 entry per prize draw
  • Qualifiers who don’t win a prize will receive 3 free tickets for the next Win Zone game
  • Make sure your contact details are up to date to ensure we can contact you (you have 7 working days to confirm your details)

Qualifying periods


Qualifying Period: Saturday 3rd June – Tuesday 6th June
Winners Announced on: Wednesday 7th June
Free Ticket Winners Date: Saturday 10th June at 8pm
Promotion Code: FINALROUND1


Qualifying Period: Saturday 10th June – Tuesday 13th June
Winners Announced On: Wednesday 14th June
Free Ticket Winners Date: Saturday 17th June at 8pm
Promotion Code: FINALROUND2


Qualifying Period: Saturday 17th June – Tuesday 20th June
Winners Announced On: Wednesday 21st June
Free Ticket Winners Date: Saturday 24th June at 8pm
Promotion Code: FINALROUND3


Qualifying Period: Saturday 24th June – Tuesday 27th June
Winners Announced On: Wednesday 28th June
Free Ticket Winners Date: Saturday 1st July at 8pm
Promotion Code: FINALROUND4

Please remember to be in Tipping Point Bingo for your free tickets to play.

Prize Draw Breakdown

Position Winners Prize
1st 1 Apple Macbook Air
2nd 1 49" TV
3rd-5th 3 9.7" Ipad
6th-10th 5 £250 Love2Shop Voucher
11th-20th 10 Kindle Fire + £50 Amazon Voucher
21st - 50th 30 £75 Cash
51st-85th 35 £50 All Games Bonus
86th-150th 65 £20 Bingo Bonus

Please note: Cash & bonus prizes will be credited each Wednesday by 6pm. All physical prizes will be sent within 28 days of the winners confirming their details.


Here are the winners for 28.06.17

Prize Chat Name
Apple Macbook Air FIRESTORM007
49" TV kevdev19
Apple iPad doofus82
Apple iPad poohbird
Apple iPad rosiewonyippee
Love2Shop or Amazon Voucher the_scouser
Love2Shop or Amazon Voucher kms1978
Love2Shop or Amazon Voucher methumeddwl
Love2Shop or Amazon Voucher itsmeplease
Love2Shop or Amazon Voucher reddevilgirl13
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher xoxokatiexoxo
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher BFAIRBIN2
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher marksgirlclare
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher awinforjenxtyx
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher PlayBingo1
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher fishermanswife3
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher menumpty
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher effie1970
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher dazmethemoney
Amazon Kindle + £50 Amazon Voucher evacat78
£75 Cash kurdymac2001
£75 Cash mildred60
£75 Cash fcbingo
£75 Cash Star_Gaze
£75 Cash steve230153
£75 Cash Mikejla
£75 Cash Trigger762
£75 Cash JHbingo453
£75 Cash mrsdonnadawn
£75 Cash dinkybob71
£75 Cash barnsey15
£75 Cash murielnchazxx
£75 Cash gemter84
£75 Cash wishmemoney
£75 Cash cpfcjacqs
£75 Cash julesdb
£75 Cash sandydbt
£75 Cash ilovekitty68
£75 Cash xxcazaxwonxx
£75 Cash lizburns64
£75 Cash TheHarm0ny
£75 Cash james261305
£75 Cash ant236
£75 Cash Marmaladepot
£75 Cash jjmaxx
£75 Cash jennie20
£75 Cash darrenh71
£75 Cash Jordhazellx
£50 All Games Bonus jinksy55
£50 All Games Bonus newby46
£50 All Games Bonus CathrineMay
£50 All Games Bonus Libzib
£50 All Games Bonus casspuss1106
£50 All Games Bonus X_X_WINNER_X_X
£50 All Games Bonus parko62
£50 All Games Bonus tanxs2
£50 All Games Bonus Smoke83
£50 All Games Bonus alanandshaz
£50 All Games Bonus champers31
£50 All Games Bonus roomster13
£50 All Games Bonus sadiecon
£50 All Games Bonus baileysgirl2222
£50 All Games Bonus bingobabie1
£50 All Games Bonus weheyiamawinner
£50 All Games Bonus glallxox
£50 All Games Bonus zacharyandjosh
£50 All Games Bonus maoam2016
£50 All Games Bonus carry8888
£50 All Games Bonus XDIANAxDIANAx
£50 All Games Bonus pfboaa
£50 All Games Bonus fairycake77
£50 All Games Bonus titchwin
£50 All Games Bonus peachy240766
£50 All Games Bonus hibby58
£50 All Games Bonus Madoffman82
£50 All Games Bonus Sam6298
£50 All Games Bonus bealos
£50 All Games Bonus KATESKASH
£50 All Games Bonus sinsxluckydayxx
£50 All Games Bonus timbo13
£50 All Games Bonus MopHeadBuzzin
£50 All Games Bonus johnboy13480
£50 All Games Bonus cunningham63
£20 Bingo Bonus ITSTHETIME
£20 Bingo Bonus kennybad
£20 Bingo Bonus ilovepolly
£20 Bingo Bonus xMarleyx
£20 Bingo Bonus luckynanna_bfc
£20 Bingo Bonus 77becs77
£20 Bingo Bonus Simontal
£20 Bingo Bonus lilytilly9
£20 Bingo Bonus you_are
£20 Bingo Bonus dawn1000
£20 Bingo Bonus TINYTIM135
£20 Bingo Bonus ITSxAxWINx
£20 Bingo Bonus Masarem
£20 Bingo Bonus sshaunss
£20 Bingo Bonus emmylou70xxx
£20 Bingo Bonus Shellykins85
£20 Bingo Bonus bingo1509
£20 Bingo Bonus sproaty41
£20 Bingo Bonus MarkAWinner
£20 Bingo Bonus havahari
£20 Bingo Bonus Winin2012
£20 Bingo Bonus Kelseymas
£20 Bingo Bonus emmaloux5
£20 Bingo Bonus kari73
£20 Bingo Bonus carcoop29
£20 Bingo Bonus patsys1945
£20 Bingo Bonus NannaOfNine80
£20 Bingo Bonus harry89dot85
£20 Bingo Bonus gobbyshell72
£20 Bingo Bonus Qelizabeth
£20 Bingo Bonus chanceypants52
£20 Bingo Bonus sarahcfc
£20 Bingo Bonus HuggyBear2014
£20 Bingo Bonus robbyco
£20 Bingo Bonus LuckyDay17
£20 Bingo Bonus mummykc3
£20 Bingo Bonus 58fun11
£20 Bingo Bonus sansam2024
£20 Bingo Bonus suzismyname
£20 Bingo Bonus DebsOnTheRun
£20 Bingo Bonus swkptp
£20 Bingo Bonus Brown8163
£20 Bingo Bonus TomQS95
£20 Bingo Bonus Tiny_Twinkle
£20 Bingo Bonus cococorn
£20 Bingo Bonus kizzymk
£20 Bingo Bonus 0702bubbles
£20 Bingo Bonus kazpotin4awin
£20 Bingo Bonus purdypen
£20 Bingo Bonus alisia123
£20 Bingo Bonus XspringzfellaX
£20 Bingo Bonus TossaCoin
£20 Bingo Bonus xtanyax68
£20 Bingo Bonus jaymech
£20 Bingo Bonus dadovfive
£20 Bingo Bonus lizzysnowden
£20 Bingo Bonus mavrooney
£20 Bingo Bonus Mayiwinplsxx
£20 Bingo Bonus Squishy3333
£20 Bingo Bonus Smellybum1
£20 Bingo Bonus jacie1948
£20 Bingo Bonus MrsMerlot
£20 Bingo Bonus mrsdbh8077
£20 Bingo Bonus TrikerTony
£20 Bingo Bonus LittleDushku

Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion will run weekly from Saturday 3rd June – Wednesday 28th June 2017.
  2. This promotion is open to new and existing customer of Sky Bingo.
  3. This promotion will run in Tipping Point Bingo room only.
  4. All winner will be announced on this page by 6pm on Wednesday 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th June.
  5. Cash & Bonus prizes will be credited by 6pm on Wednesday 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th June.
  6. Free Tickets will be added to winner’s accounts by 6pm on Wednesday 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th June, but will not play out until Saturday 10th, 17th, 24th June and Saturday 1st July.
  7. The promotion code FINALROUND1, FINALROUND2, FINALROUND3, FINALROUND4 must be entered during the promotion dates for each week. The promotion code will not be accepted during any other time period.
  8. There will only be 1 entry per player to ensure the prize draw is kept fair for all.
  9. You must play a minimum of 25 Win Zone games to qualify for the prize draw, whether you have entered the promotion code or not. The promotion code only guarantees you entry after playing 25 or more Win Zone Bingo games.
  10. Technology, shopping vouchers and holiday vouchers will be sent to you within 28 days of details being confirmed by the winners.
  11. All Winners for technology, shopping vouchers and holiday vouchers will be contacted within 7 working days of winning to confirm all details. Please ensure all contact information is up to date. If winners cannot be contacted within a reasonable time period or are not available to accept the prize for any reason which is beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control, then the Promoter reserves the right to award the prize to another entrant or not at all.
  12. Cash alternatives for technology and shopping vouchers are not available, which will mean winners will have to accept or forfeit the prize.
  13. The prize package will be provided by a third party supplier who will manage the prize within 28 days of confirmation of the winner. Insofar as is permitted by law, the Promoter, will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the winner or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the prize package including from any postponement, cancellation, delay or changes to the prize package, or for any act or default of any third party supplier, except where it is caused by the negligence of the Promoter. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  14. We reserve the rights to end this promotion at any time without notice or warning.
  15. We reserve the right to refuse delivery of prizes if you are found to be abusing or taking advantage of this promotion.
  16. All Sky Betting and Gaming General Terms and Conditions apply; these can be viewed here.
  17. Sky Bingo have the sole right, at their discretion, to alter, amend or terminate this promotion at short notice and without notification.

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