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Win a holiday everyday on Love Island Bingo

Jump into the prize pool

At Sky Bingo we want to be your type on paper thanks to our new, exclusive game – Love Island Bingo.

The brand new 90 ball bingo game is based on the amazing TV show, which allows you to experience all the bantz of Love Island outside of the villa.

Plus, we’re giving you the chance to win a holiday every day from as little as 20p per ticket between 9pm – 11pm in our exclusive Love Island Bingo Room.

Why would you want to pie us off?

Don’t worry, we’d never be muggy, there’s also loads more chances to win cash and not forgetting the chance to win a holiday every single day, so you can jet off for your own getaway!

What you need to know:

  • Love Island Bingo Room between 9pm & 11pm every night
  • The full promotional period is Friday 1st June 2018 – Friday 31st August 2018
  • 1 holiday available to win per day between 1st June & 31st August
  • Holiday winners will be contacted within 7 working days on winning and provided with details of details of how to claim
  • It is the winner’s responsibility to ensure all contact details are up to date
  • Prizes will be won on selected games as house prizes
  • Any winners who happen to share will receive the value split equally between all winners
  • Full T&C’s apply


Date won Chat name Prize
01/06/2018 FEEFEE08 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
02/06/2018 XIXCHOOSEXHOPEX £1,000 Holiday Voucher
03/06/2018 MILDRED60 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
04/06/2018 MADKAZZA58 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
05/06/2018 151515 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
06/06/2018 MISTYMEEK £1,000 Holiday Voucher
07/06/2018 Carla1985 Joint Winner - £500 Cash
07/06/2018 JJmaxx Joint Winner - £500 Cash
08/06/2018 WELLZY87 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
09/06/2018 GOBYDI85 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
10/06/2018 MIKEJLA £1,000 Holiday Voucher
10/06/2018 LIAMSTONES44 £1,000 Holiday Voucher (Prize Burst Prize Draw winner)
11/06/2018 151515 Joint Winner - £500 Cash
11/06/2018 NANA2PARIS Joint Winner - £500 Cash
12/06/2018 GADOOLA £1,000 Holiday Voucher
13/06/2018 tootinjules £1,000 Holiday Voucher
14/06/2018 skeetsbettyz Joint Winner - £500 Cash
14/06/2018 leahSx Joint Winner - £500 Cash
15/06/2018 DJREX1981 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
16/06/2018 KAYXXHXX Joint Winner - £500 Cash
16/06/2018 BALAN10 Joint Winner - £500 Cash
17/06/2018 XXXSARAHXX76 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
18/06/2018 CHICKYBIN1564 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
18/06/2018 Tillyww £1,000 Holiday Voucher (Prize Burst Prize Draw)
19/06/2018 CHICKYBIN1564 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
20/06/2018 mrslambie57 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
21/06/2018 RELIANTGIRL £1,000 Holiday Voucher
22/06/2018 KLOP61 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
23/06/2018 IFSOGIRL2 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
24/06/2018 WISHMEMONEY £1,000 Holiday Voucher
25/06/2018 BROMELIAD2 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
26/06/2018 LINZIK75 £1,000 Holiday Voucher (Prize Burst Prize Draw)
26/06/2018 LEELEE70 Joint Winner - £500 Cash
26/06/2018 NANNASHIRL Joint Winner - £500 Cash
27/06/2018 ljh071183 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
28/06/2018 leahsx £1,000 Holiday Voucher
29/06/2018 JBLOGGS £1,000 Holiday Voucher
30/06/2018 SUZISMYNAME Joint Winner - £500 Cash
30/06/2018 LEAHSX Joint Winner - £500 Cash
01/07/2018 PHURY366 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
02/07/2018 BATTERY £1,000 Holiday Voucher (Prize Burst Prize Draw)
02/07/2018 DAZMETHEMONEY £1,000 Holiday Voucher
03/07/2018 MILDRED60 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
04/07/2018 poppynbella £1,000 Holiday Voucher
05/07/2018 MOPHEADBUZZIN £1,000 Holiday Voucher
06/07/2018 caraaly £1,000 Holiday Voucher
07/07/2018 WINSOMELOSEMANY £1,000 Holiday Voucher
08/07/2018 NANA2PARIS £1,000 Holiday Voucher
09/07/2018 emmaloubby321 £1,000 Holiday Voucher (Prize Burst Prize Draw)
09/07/2018 SUPERDUPERMAM Joint Winner £500 Each
09/07/2018 JACQUIEL14 Joint Winner £500 Each
10/07/2018 JAMBO51 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
11/07/2018 prettyparis £1,000 Holiday Voucher
12/07/2018 chickybin1564 Joint Winner £500 Each
12/07/2018 peggypuggy Joint Winner £500 Each
13/07/2018 NEILLEANN £1,000 Holiday Voucher
14/07/2018 MEATY23 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
15/07/2018 VISIONSOFGIDEON £1,000 Holiday Voucher
15/07/2018 ivers94 £1,000 Holiday Voucher (Prize Burst Prize Draw)
16/07/2018 ASHTAG08 £1,000 Holiday Voucher
17 Jul 18 JACQ1966 £1,000 Holiday voucher
18 Jul 18 richardbun £1,000 Holiday voucher
19 Jul 18 lashes7777777 £1,000 Holiday voucher
20 Jul 18 XDIANAXDIANAX £1,000 Holiday voucher
21 Jul 18 CADDY1983 £1,000 Holiday voucher
22 Jul 18 JBloggs £1,000 Holiday voucher
23 Jul 18 happme £1,000 Holiday voucher (Prize Burst Prize Winner )
23 Jul 18 2ZEBERDEE1 £1,000 Holiday voucher
24 Jul 18 XOXOKATIEXOXO £1,000 Holiday voucher
25 Jul 18 dazmethemoney Joint winner £500 cash
26 Jul 18 kayxxhxx Joint winner £500 cash
26 Jul 18 moonbabe £1,000 Holiday voucher
27 Jul 18 Mathers28 £1,000 Holiday voucher
28 Jul 18 KAYPEA44 £1,000 Holiday voucher
29 Jul 18 MADDOG67 £1,000 Holiday voucher
30 Jul 18 WINSOMELOSEMANY £1,000 Holiday voucher
30 Jul 18 winnie15 £1,000 Holiday voucher (Prize Burst Prize Winner )
31 Jul 18 unluckyiris Joint winner £500 cash
31 Jul 18 ifsogirl2 Joint winner £500 cash
01 Aug 18 OMG_shewonagain £1,000 Holiday voucher
02 Aug 18 AMY2811 £1,000 Holiday voucher
02 Aug 18 SUZISMYNAME Joint winner £500 cash
03 Aug 18 PRETTYPARIS Joint winner £500 cash
04 Aug 18 DAZMETHEMONEY £1,000 Holiday voucher
05 Aug 18 XmasWish38 £1,000 Holiday voucher
06 Aug 18 zakmkay £1,000 Holiday voucher (Prize Burst Prize Winner )
06 Aug 18 xxcarolinexx88 £1,000 Holiday voucher

Love Island Bingo Holiday Giveaway Terms

  1. The promotion is available to individuals aged 18 years and over who have registered an account with Sky Bingo.
  2. The promotion will run from 00:00 Friday 1st June 2018 until 23:59 July 31st August 2018 (The “Promotional Period”)
  3. The promotion will be run in the Love Island Bingo Room only, every Monday to Sunday throughout the Promotional Period.
  4. No promotion code is required for this promotion. All players who purchase tickets to the qualifying game will be eligible to participate.
  5. The following prizes will be available every day throughout the Promotional Period in the Love Island Bingo room between 21:00 and 23:00.
  • 1 x Holiday Voucher worth £1000 (1st June - 31st August)
  • 4 x Merchandise Packs (1st June - 31st July)
  1. The physical prizes can only be won on a full house in the Love Island Bingo Room on the days and times specified in term 5.
  2. Prize games can be identified in the Bingo schedule by the ‘present’ icon. In the Bingo Room there will be a notification to let player know it is a physical prize game.
  3. In case of any shared wins on the physical prizes each winner will receive an equal share of the cash value of the prize.
  • £1,000 – Holiday Vouchers
  • £30 – Merchandise Packs
  1. All Merchandise Packs will be sent to the address on the winner’s account within 28 days of the end of the Promotional Period.
  2. Winners of the Merchandise Packs will receive their prize within 28 working days.
  3. Winners must ensure all details including phone number, email and address details are up to date and correct on their Sky Bingo account as the address details will be used to send out any prizes. Sky Bingo will not be held responsible for any details that are not up to date, and this may result in the prize being sent to the incorrect person. In the event of the prize being sent to the incorrect person as a result of an incorrectly provided address, no replacement or alternative prize will be offered.
  4. The holiday voucher will be provided by a third party and by participating in this promotion customers consent to Sky Betting and Gaming sharing the minimum required personal details with the supplier of the holiday, to be used solely for the purpose of administering the prize.
  5. The winner of the holiday voucher will be contacted by Sky Betting and Gaming within 7 working days of winning and provided with details on how to claim the holiday voucher. It is the winner’s responsibility to ensure that all contact details are up to date.
  6. If the winner of the holiday voucher cannot be contacted within 7 working days then the prize will be forfeited.
  7. Insofar as is permitted by law, Sky Betting and Gaming, will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the winner or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the prize package including from any postponement, cancellation, delay or changes to the prize package, or for any act or default of any third party supplier. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  8. The winner will be responsible for all travel arrangements, expenses, visas and any other costs associated with taking up the holiday.
  9. The £1,000 voucher can be used as full or part payment towards any holiday, flight, accommodation or any other travel service (including breaks in the UK)
  10. The winner must book their holiday within 3 months of winning the prize (although travel can be for the following year)
  11. The winner must be over the age of 18.
  12. Sky Betting and Gaming will not be responsible where the winner is unable to take up the prize, including but not limited to the winner not having a passport or the correct visa. No alternative prize or cash alternative will be offered.
  13. When using the voucher, the holder and all travellers will be deemed to have read and accepted the booking conditions of the third party or any other tour operator involved in the booking
  14. The winner cannot exchange the prizes for cash or any other prizes.
  15. Sky Betting and Gaming reserve the right to substitute the prize for a prize of equal or greater value, if reasonably necessary to do so.
  16. All Sky Betting and Gaming general rules and terms apply.
  17. All Sky Betting and Gaming General Promotional Terms and Conditions apply; these can be viewed here.

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