Summer Fair

Maximum tickets have been reduced by up to 50%!

Summer Fair

Tuesday 1st August - Thursday 31st August

This month the sun has got to us and we have reduced all maximum tickets in local Bingo rooms up to a huge 50%! This means, everyone will have a fairer chance to win in our Sky Bingo rooms, with some great prize money up for grabs.

Bingo Room Was Now - This Month
Mystical No change – this room already has a max of 1 ticket
Sky 75 72 40
Sky 80 60 30
Sky Community Up to 120 Up to 60
Sky Pennies Up to 120 60
Sky Syndicates Up to 60 30
Sky Speed Up to 120 60
Tipping Point 30 20
Sky Value No change – this room already has a max of 12 tickets

Please note: there won't be any change to Bingolinx games

Daily Events

Day Event Bingo Room Time
Monday Mystical Monday Mystical 10am-midnight
Tuesday Win Zone Tipping Point 9pm-11pm
Wednesday Maximum Value Sky Value 6pm-8pm
Thursday BOGOF Sky 80 7pm-11pm
Friday Drop Zone Tipping Point 9pm-10pm
Saturday Win Zone Tipping Point 9pm-11pm
Sunday The Accelerator Sky Speed 6pm-midnight

Promotional Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion will run from Tuesday 1st August – Thursday 31st August 2017.
  2. This promotion will run in Sky 75, Sky 80, Sky Community, Sky Pennies, Sky Syndicates, Sky Speed & Tipping Point Bingo rooms.
  3. Sky Value & Mystical won’t have any change to the maximum tickets due to these rooms already having a low maximum amount of tickets.
  4. Bingolinx games will not be changed.
  5. All Sky Betting and Gaming General Terms and Conditions apply, these can be viewed here.
  6. Sky Bingo have the sole right, at their discretion, to alter, amend or terminate this promotion at short notice and without notification.

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