Experience the drama

Tipping Point Bingo, ready to drop

Experience the drama

Can you master the machine?

Play Tipping Point Bingo, our brand new and exclusive game here at Sky Bingo.

Are you ready for our 40 ball bingo game, based on the nail-biting ITV show: Tipping Point? Prepare for the tension of the next ball call as it falls into its dedicated drop zone… you won’t know the number until it drops off the shelf.

But this is only the beginning of the buzz, we’ve got massive house prizes waiting to be tipped over the edge and £1,000 to be won every day for FREE, we’ve got more details of that here. Dodge the shuffles, avoid the riders and feel the thrill of our unique Tipping Point 1TG feeling…

The Sky Bingo Tipping Point Promise:

  • Each customer can buy no more than 30 tickets per game and it’s max 25p per ticket – fairness guaranteed
  • A huge £8,000 to be won every single day - cash prizes guaranteed
  • An ever-increasing jackpot that can drop anytime on a ball count of 12 – jackpot guaranteed
  • We’ve even enhanced that 1tg feeing, which drop zone will your last lucky number fall from?

Feature hours to enhance the drama are below, check it out.

Time Feature Ticket Price Paid As
2pm-3pm BOGOF 10p Cash
6pm-7pm BOGOF 10p Cash
8pm-9pm Free Bingo Free Bingo Bonus
8pm-9pm £70 Guaranteed Games 10p Cash
9pm-10pm Guaranteed £50 Games 10p Cash
10pm-11pm 1TG with 20p bonus prize 10p Cash
11pm-12am BOGOF 10p Cash

How to play

When you are in the Tipping Point Bingo room you will be able to purchase your tickets. Below is an example of how this will look. All you need to do is simply select how many tickets you would like purchase and click on 'buy'.


How much do tickets cost?

Tickets will cost between 10p and 25p each game.

How many tickets can I buy?

You can purchase from 1 to the maximum tickets. This decision is purely down to personal preference of the player. We would always advise you to purchase what you feel comfortable with.

Why are the counters black and white?

Black discs represent equal numbers and white discs represent even numbers.

How to win the jackpot?

You can win the jackpot by getting all 8 numbers marked off within 12 calls.

Please be aware this can be changed at any time, without warning or notice.

How is the jackpot shared?

The jackpot is a community jackpot. This means the jackpot winner will get 50% of the prize and everyone else in the game will share the other 50% of the prize.

The 50% community part will be determined by the amount of tickets purchased per player. This means the more tickets one player has will get a higher share than one player who has purchased a lower amount of tickets.

How is the jackpot paid?

The jackpot will be paid automatically into player’s accounts. On most occasions, this is paid instantly, but please allow extra time for larger payments to be paid.

What features are available?

We will have To Go Bingo and BOGOF features available on selected days and times.

Currently we don’t have a game feature, but keep your eyes peeled for further features which will become available.

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